1. If we’re mutuals describe yourself on anon and I’ll guess who it is

    i know my mutuals like i know my lovers

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  2. damngruchy:


    i was teaching my grandma to use computer so we can talk on skype and such but today she went kinda mad at me because “i didnt show her the knitting programme” and i was like what

    and it comes out she accidentally opened ms excel and found out its a great way to create knitting patterns


    my grandma is 82


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  5. goatcorporation:

    last time i saw my parents my dad asked me apropos of nothing ‘do you ever watch that show Tosh Oh?’ and i was like ‘sure’ and he said ‘he takes videos from the internet and comments on them. pretty funny huh’

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  6. malformalady:

    Timothy Clark Smith’s grave in New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery. Smith was a 19th century doctor with an incurable fear, taphephobia — defined as an irrationally morbid fear of being buried alive. Fear of being buried alive was elaborated to the extent that those who could afford it would make all sorts of arrangements for the construction of a “safety coffin”, or other safety measures to put in place. Dr. Smith was buried in a specially prepared grave with his face positioned beneath a cement tube that leads to the surface. The 6ft tube ended at a piece of 14×14 inch plate glass allowing Tim to gaze upward towards the Vermont skies in the event that he was buried alive. For extra protection, a bell was supposedly placed in his hands that he could ring in case he woke up.

    Photo credit  (top)Geoff Howard, (bottom)LINK

    honestly it’s like a one-in-a-billion thing but if you do win that shitty lottery you’ll be glad as fuck that you spent the extra $400 or whatever

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  8. ihfbot:

    "My grandmother used to kill fascists. And you, you vote for them?"

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  9. here we go, this makes people feel nice

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  10. 42 year old untreated PTSD gulf war bart simpson’s actually takin me to a real dark place man i shouldna looked at that