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    Submitters Comment: I literally choked on my tea when I saw this on instagram. So unfortunately theres no source link. 


    This girl thinks it’s smart to shove a thumb tack through her ear to get her cartilage piercing without having to pay for it. She would always post on facebook how her friends did her piercings with safety pins and how infected they would get. But this is just too much. All the possibilities for a keloid to form and all the infections!? Collapsing the cartilage in her ear, plus how the push pin is WAY thicker than an earring. Oh my god I just can’t.


    TAKE IT OUT. Sea salt soak it and never do that again. If anything go to an actual professional piercer and get it done with STERILIZED needles and new jewelry. Thumb tacks have so many germs on them and just soaking it in alcohol isn’t enough.

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  5. eatmybones said: I understand that this is horrible and gross, but a thumbtack is definitely not bigger than the jewellery normally used to pierce cartilage. Just saying.
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    I can’t say anything, I’ve done this countless times before lol.
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    young wild & free stfu
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    people are fucking idiots
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